What is the Puppy Vaccination Schedule?

  • 6-8 weeks – first vaccination
  • 10-12 weeks – second vaccination
  • 14-16 weeks – third vaccination
  • Every 12 months after – annual booster

Your puppy will have received its first vaccination with our certified Vet before leaving and will come with a vaccination record book, this is where you will find the puppy’s next date for when the 2nd vaccination is due.


How long after a puppy’s final vaccination before it can socialise in public and go outside?

It takes up to 2 weeks after the final injection to fully protect your pet. After two week you will then be able to take your puppy out in public to socialise and begin all their wonderful fun adventures.


When do I transition my puppy to different food?

While your puppy is with us, they have a menu of a raw diet & dry kibble and fresh water (that has been boiled).

Once you have your puppy home, we suggest you keep your puppy on the same diet for 1-2 weeks as they will be adjusting to their new surroundings and family life.


How long does it take for our puppy to adjust to new food?

We suggest if you are looking at changing their diet, you introduce their new food slowly over a 7-day period. Introducing treats should also be done at a slow and steady pace – 1 new treat per week.


How do I deal with puppy diarrhea after changing the food?

If by chance you may have introduced too many new items into their diet and puppy has diarrhea, we suggest you place puppy onto a bland diet of plan cooked chicken and rice, until the stools are nice and firm, then start slowly reintroducing the normal diet. Always have fresh water available.

We also recommend you seek veterinary advice.